How to Cuba 2017

Excellent choice on going to Havana – it’s pretty spectacular and very distinct…  Though you can sense the winds of change in the air – in a few years, you get the feeling that there is going to be a lot more American money flowing in…  Get there before the McDonald’s opens.

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March 14, 2017: Vinales, Cuba – There’s an angry horse tied up on the road ahead.

Cuba is one of the most challenging places I have ever traveled.  Little about the way this place is transparent.  People are very thorough, checking every box, but not necessarily in order. Continue reading “March 14, 2017: Vinales, Cuba – There’s an angry horse tied up on the road ahead.”

March 13, 2017: Hemingway’s Havana

This morning, my mission was clear.  Find passage for tomorrow to Vinales, by reputation the most beautiful countryside in all of Cuba.  The state-owned bus company was no help – the only bus there being full and sold out online weeks ago.  Thankfully, the lady behind the counter at Infotur, the state-owned tourism office was able to work a little private sector magic and get me set up in a shared taxi for just five dollars more than the price of the sold out bus.  And apparently I owed her nothing more for this service than a sonrisas grande e un muchas gracias. Continue reading “March 13, 2017: Hemingway’s Havana”