Space Archaeologist Wants Your Help To Find Ancient Sites

From NPR:

Sarah Parcak is a space archaeologist. She uses satellite imagery to track looted ancient burial sites and find pyramids hidden under Egyptian cities. Now, she has bigger plans: to launch a worldwide campaign to make all of us space archaeologists.

She will be doing it through a digital platform called Global Xplorer, which will utilize crowdsourcing and satellite images to discover and protect unknown archaeological sites around the world.

Parcak promises both a smartphone app and a desktop platform for use in classrooms.  Not only does this have exciting implications for the world of archaeology, it is also a big deal for educators and students, allowing students to better understand an important field in a hands on way.

Support Parcak’s initiative here.

Teach about the the ruins of lost civilizations like those of the Khmer Empire at Angkor Wat here on Open Ended Social Studies.


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