July 19, 2016: La Paz and the Homesick Heartworn Blues

It’s always the worst on days like these.

All I did today was travel, on a long bus ride from Puno, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia.  The bus was stupidly hot, upper 80s at least, for no real reason.  But it was fine.


The part that is hard is the idleness.  Other than the hurry up and wait of the border crossing, as chaotic and jumbled as you can imagine, my thoughts ended up wandering home to Jasmine, my wife, and Rory, my daughter.

I know travel is supposed to be a glamorous adventure, and it is that.  Great adventurers aren’t supposed to leave their hearts at home.  Their eyes are supposed to be on the horizon ahead, not the one behind.

But there you have it.  I’m writing it down, even though it is not popular.  Maybe those great adventurers were lousy dads and husbands.  Because times like these, the only thing I want to explore are the sidewalks around my house, with Rory in tow.

All of this will be worth it.  Good things are coming.  In the last few days, my lesson plans are beginning to really take shape in my mind.  Fund for Teachers will be pleased with their faith in me, and Open Ended Social Studies is about to add some of its best lessons yet.

Tomorrow I will explore.  I will shake this funk off and get back on my feet.

Thanks to Jasmine and Rory who help me stay strong, even when I’m away and just want to go running home.  You two are the greatest.